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It's easier than you think!

Simple, EASY TO FOLLOW, step by step directions for tying your own bow tie. You CAN do this! Lisa of, takes you through the process of tying a bow tie and removes the mystery of tying your bow tie. Lisa shows you a special trick for making the second loop, that step where many people lose track of what to do next. Now you can toss those old "clip ons" and "pre-tied" bow ties and join the thousands of Lisa's customers who tie their own bow ties.

My step by step directions go along with the video, or you can use them as stand alone instructions. Download them so you can read them on your computer screen by clicking the blue link on the left side, or download them so that they are printed in reverse by clicking on the red link on the right side. The reverse print is for pinning or taping to your shirt, then READ THE DIRECTIONS IN THE MIRROR as you learn to tie your bow tie.


Download Instructions to read    Download Instructions for mirror

Some Other Helpful Hints

Whether you are tying a bow tie or tying a shoe, the steps are the same. Here are some helpful hints if you are learning to tie your own bow tie: If you already know how to tie a necktie, you must forget everything you know about tying a tie. Think SHOE not TIE. The widest part of the bulb section of the bow tie corresponds with the spot on your tied shoelace where the loop falls back on itself (see diagram). When I give bow tying lessons in person, I tell students to fold wide because their natural inclination is to fold at the narrow spot. Resist that temptation and FOLD WIDE instead.

bow tying

If all else fails, just close your eyes and tie the bow tie quickly, all the time thinking I'm just tying my shoe, but on my neck. This may be the most valuable tip, particularly if you are getting lost in the step by step process. Give yourself time to learn to tie your bow tie BEFORE the event for which you will be wearing it. It's easier to learn if you can be in a quiet, well lit room rather than with lots of distractions. This is technical reading that you are doing!