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Shipping Policy

Some items I have in stock, already made and ready to ship to you. Some items I need to make to order. It takes me from 1-5 working days to turn your order around. On the outside chance I think it will take me longer than 5 days to fill your order (this occasionally happens during the holiday rush or if I have a very large wedding order), I will contact you to let you know.

Shipping Fees

My Standard Shipping and Handling fee is a flat $6 per order, not per item. I ship your order the next business day (occasionally even the same day) if it's something that I have in stock, and as soon as I finish making it if it's something that I need to produce. I produce orders in the sequence in which they are received.

My Priority EXPRESS Mail and RUSH PRODUCTION fee is $29. Priority Mail EXPRESS guarantees overnight delivery to most cities and many towns, and two day delivery to secondary locations. If I have your order made, I will ship it the next business day using Priority Mail Express. If you choose this shipping method, and I don't have your item in stock and have to make your order, I will rush it by bumping it to the front of my production line. I will ship your order within 2 business days.


Minimizing packaging waste is important to me. I strive to be as earth friendly as possible. I use EcoEnclose┬« shipping envelopes whenever I can, which is most of the time. These envelopes are completely biodegradable, even the plastic ones. The plastic ones can be composted in industrial composting, and will completely compost in a landfill within 6 months. The cardboard ones are made from 100% recycled content, 95% of which is post-consumer. If I have to use a box, my first choice is to reuse a box that is on the premises. I wrap your goods around pieces of post consumer cardboard (you might even recognize a side from a cracker box or be lucky enough to get the coupon section from the back of the cereal box), and then I wrap that in tissue paper. I am often able to use the tissue paper from old sewing patterns. You can recycle all of my packaging. Even my packing tape is biodegradable! I have one customer who sends me the piece of cardboard that his ties are wrapped around every time he orders. He wrote on it, "the BEST recycle is to recycle the RECYCLE!"┬Ł