Would you like to provide your own fabric to be made into a bow tie, pair of braces, necktie, cummerbund, or pocket square?

Here are answers to questions you may have.

What kind of fabric should I look for? 
The fabric must be woven, not knit. It can't have any stretch. It should not be very heavy or bulky, nor should it be too light or drapey. It can't have any surface embellishments like sequins, embroidery, etc. Silk brocade is not appropriate. It's very difficult to find necktie silk on the retail market. It is often too light and drapey (more like undergarment fabric) or too heavy. The scale of any print should be small and dense enough to show up in the item that you want made. Sometimes a big print can make an attractive item, but the effect is abstract instead of small repeat.

How much fabric will I need to provide? 
Most fabrics come in a width of 40-45". Assuming that your fabric is 40-45" wide, I need a minimum of the following lengths: 
Bow Tie- 1/2 yard. I can get 2 bow ties from a half yard 
Necktie- 1 yard. I can get 2 neckties from one yard 
Extra Long Necktie-1 1/4 yard. I can get 2 XL neckties from 1 1/4 yard. 
Cummerbund- 1 yard 
Pocket Square-1/2 yard. I can get 1 square from a half yard 
Braces- If the print is random and doesn't have a right side up or an upside down, I need just 1/4 yard. However, if the print has a design which has a one way direction to it, for instance, the letter A standing up right, to keep the text standing upright on the straps, I need 1 1/4 yards.

How much will this project cost? 
I charge the same price whether you provide the fabric or I do. I charge my cotton prices if the fabric is cotton or another non slippery fabric like wool, and I charge my silk prices if the fabric is silk, slippery or otherwise problematic.

Cotton Prices Silk Prices
click here Bow Tie $40 Bow Tie $48 click here
click here Necktie $40 Necktie $79 click here
click here XL Necktie $42 XL Necktie $85 click here
click here Braces $89 Braces $99 click here
click here Cummerbund $119 Cummerbund $139 click here
click here Pocket Square $29 Pocket Square $29 click here

Where can I buy my fabric? 
Here are some great fabric stores I know about:

Portsmouth Fabric Company       www.PortsmouthFabric.com 
      112 Penhallow St. 
     Portsmouth, NH 

Britex Fabrics       www.BritexFabrics.com 
     146 Geary St. 
     San Francisco, CA 

On Board Fabrics       www.OnBoardFabrics.com 
     Route 27 
     Edgecomb, ME 

Fishman's Fabrics       www.FishmansFabrics.com 
     1101 South Desplaines St. 
     Chicago, IL 

JoAnn's      www.joann.com 
      which is chain store with locations in many cities

Band J Fabrics      www.bandjfabrics.com

Mood Fabrics      www.MoodFabrics.com

Online stores: 


Special Bridal Party Notes:

I often work with brides and grooms to make neckwear, suspenders and/or cummerbunds for groomsmen from fabric used to make bridesmaid's dresses. Some bridal designers, like Lynn Lugo (www.LynnLugoBridal.com) refer their brides to me to make items for the groom and groomsmen. I am happy to provide this service to wedding parties. Please contact me if you have questions regarding this service.

Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns. 
207-985-6724       Lisa@bowtie.com