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Do you have a favorite necktie that you would like converted into a bow tie?

A great way to make use of a favorite necktie is to convert it into a favorite bow tie. This is a service I provide quite often to my customers. The cost is $49, with an additional $6.00 Shipping and handling per order (I charge s&h per order, not per item). There is actually significantly more work involved in converting a necktie into a bow tie than starting with fresh fabric.

Some things you should know before sending me your necktie:

  • I can make a straight or a classic style bow tie from most neckties. Usually I have to use a piece of my own fabric to make the band section of the new bow tie. The band section is the part that sits under your collar.
  •  If the necktie has graphics (for example, cocktail glasses) on it that are all standing right side up on the necktie, on the resulting bow tie, the glasses will be lying down horizontally. If the glasses were upright, but slanted about 45º, the resulting bow tie would be okay. Small prints which are random (nondirectional) work best.