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Galluses (did you know that this term is derived from the word gallows? Your trousers are hanging from your braces). Whatever you call them, and whether you prefer the kind that button into your trousers or the kind that clip on to your pants, I make them! I will be calling them braces. You can match or complement your neckwear, or you can wear them sans neckwear as many men are doing. I've been making braces for almost 20 years, and I have many customers whose style trademark is their collection of suspenders that I have made for them.

Almost all of the fabrics I use to make bow ties can also be made into braces. If you see a bow tie on my site whose fabric you would like made into braces but can't find the matching braces on the site, please contact me.

paddlesclips I make Y shaped braces. The button in style has two sets of button in paddles in the front and one set of button in paddles in the back. For the button in style, the trousers need a total of 6 buttons in the waistband: two sets of two buttons in the front and one set of two buttons in the back. The clip style suspenders have two nickel plated clips in the front and one nickel plated clip in the back. The clip style is more versatile because they don't need buttons sewn into the waistband of the trousers with which they are worn. The button in style are classier, but require 6 buttons be sewn in the waistband of the pants. 

clipsClipsI make each pair of braces to order. When you place your braces into your shopping cart, before you can check out, you will have to make two choices for each pair you order. You will have to choose whether you want button in style or clip style with either black or brown leather components, and then you will have to choose either black or white elastic.

ChuckChuckChuck, my mannequin, pictured, is sporting a pair of solid black braces with white elastic and brown leather. He is showing you a finished pair of suspenders and how they look on a model. In purchasing the braces on, you are choosing a pair made from the featured fabric, not the black fabric of the pair that Chuck is wearing.

• 1½ inch wide straps of chosen fashion fabric. The straps of my braces are NOT elastic

• Each strap is stabilized with interfacing to give the strap body

• The adjustable straps measure approximately 31” in length of featured fabric when fully extended on button in style, and 38” in length on clip style

• Braces are, by nature of design, adjustable in size. However, if you have trouble getting commercially produced braces to fit you as you like, you've come to the right place. Custom lengths are easy since I make each pair to order. Please make a note of your specific height needs and/or your, ahem, belly, in the comment box that comes up just before final check out, or contact me before you place your order so together we can figure out just what it is that you need

• Leather paddles which button into your waistband OR heavy duty clips

• Brass plated hardware (adjusting ratchet and D ring) on the button in style, nickel plated hardware (clips, and ratchets) on the clip style

• Center back Y joint is reinforced with leather, and a leather 'fold over' houses the paddles or the clips.

• Heavy duty 1 ½" wide black OR white elastic in back. I can make the elastic longer or shorter if that is your preference. You just have to let me know.

• Mix or match braces fabric with bow ties

• If you see a bow tie on my site whose fabric you would like made into braces but can't find the matching pair on the site, please contact me

• My leather components are made in Maine, and my hardware components are made in New England

• Each pair of braces is handmade to order by me in Kennebunk, Maine